Natus Medical Incorporated Acquisition of Embla Systems

On Friday September 16th, Natus Medical Incorporated announced the acquisition of Embla Systems LLC. By acquiring Embla, Natus is continuing its growth and expansion plans, bringing their investment in the Neurology & PSG business to more than $100M.

Natus Medical Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare products in three core business lines:

• Neurology systems, including EEG, LTM, EMG, and PSG

• Newborn care and pediatric products

• Hearing products, including hearing screening, diagnostic systems, and balance products


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New Sensors and Accessories

Embla is pleased to announce that the patented BreathSensor® single use Airflow Thermistor is now available for most PSG systems!

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Embla presents two new accessories for your Embletta® Gold™ - the Embletta Gold Silicone Sleeve and Protective Film

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